September 01, 2021


By Aussie Meat
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Thank you to all our happy and loyal customers who participated in our biggest ever August Giveaway Campaign! 😍😍 🌈🌈

Thank you for your continued support, we have received an overwhelming number of product reviews and entries and in response we have doubled the number of fabulous winners joining us.

Congratulations to Phil, Tamara, Adam and Boris and their partners who are the fabulous winners of our August Giveaway - they will join the Aussie Meat Anniversary Yacht Party Celebration.

Stay tuned for more fun on our Giveaways! You may be the next fabulous winner!

Terms and Conditions:

Please note:

  1. Excludes transport to and from the departure and return Pier at Central Ferry Pier, Central, Hong Kong.
  2. All Guests to Provide Proof of 1st and 2nd Vaccination Shots.

Neither Aussie Meat Group Limited, the Yacht Charter Company nor the Owner of the vessel is responsible for any personal injury or loss of personal belongings during the period of the use of the vessel.

Aussie Meat Group Limited Guests and others they invite agree and acknowledges as follows:

a. We are aware of the potential dangers that may arise on the vessel including tripping hazards, moving parts, ropes and obstacles.

b. We are aware of the potential dangers of exposure to the sun.

c. We may get wet from sea spray and personal electronic equipment can be severely damaged by sea water. No entering the sea when the vessel is in motion and/or engines are working.

e. The social distancing measures introduced by the Government of the HKSAR in so far as they relate to the use of privately owned watercraft such as yachts, can be unclear.

Aussie Meat Group Limited Guests are responsible for any damage caused to the vessel either by them, their guests and any other persons under their control and shall be liable for any repair costs and losses arising therefrom.

#aussiemeathk #eat4charityhk #meatdelivery #meatdeliveryhk #seafooddelivery #winedelivery #discoverhongkong #BBQGrills #kindnessmatters #loyalty #rewards #VIPoints #AugustWinners

Aussie Meat
Aussie Meat


Aussie Meat is The Australian Meat Brand. We deliver Michelin Star-quality Meat, Ocean-catch Seafood, Wine and BBQ Grills across Hong Kong, 5 days per week. Owned and operated by Australians, we deliver finest quality meat which is grass fed, organic, naturally farmed, hormone and antibiotic free meat and ocean-catch seafood from Australian, New Zealand and global farmers jet fresh to your home or office. We understand the value in giving back, our Eat For Charity Program #eat4charityhk donates 5% of our profits towards HK charities.