April 08, 2022


By Aussie Meat
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Enjoy your Easter break with our Meat and Seafood food happiness now with 10% off on ALL Non-Discounted Meat & Seafood plus check out our crazy sale products so you can treat yourself, save and enjoy.

Aussie Meat has all your favourite BBQ Meats and Seafood, Roasting Meats, Wholebird Turkey and Whole Chicken ready for you to order.

Sit back and take the strain out of the Easter shopping, simply order online and we deliver direct to your. On all orders over 700HKD its FREE DELIVERY what are you waiting for, stock up your fridge and freezer now.

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Aussie Meat
Aussie Meat


Aussie Meat is The Australian Meat Brand. We deliver Premium Quality Meat, Ocean-catch Seafood, Wine and BBQ Grills across Hong Kong, 5 days per week. Owned and operated by Australians, we deliver finest quality meat which is grass fed, organic, naturally farmed, hormone and antibiotic free meat and ocean-catch seafood from Australian, New Zealand and global farmers jet fresh to your home or office. We understand the value in giving back, our Eat For Charity Program #eat4charityhk donates 5% of our profits towards HK charities.