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Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steaks (Marble Score 7/8, 250g) - Chilled (Buy 9 & Get 1 FREE)


Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steaks for 10 persons.  Cut-and-Made to order, every order and vacuum sealed just for you

Having a BBQ?  Why go to the markets, when Aussie Meat delivers fresh Australian and New Zealand farmers meat jet fresh to your home in Hong Kong.

Aussie Meat has pulled together a super yummilicous Aussie Meat pack of Wagyu Ribeye steaks, BBQ pack for 10 persons and as a bonus you get 1 Wagyu Ribeye steak FREE!   That is 10% discount.

We recommend for the best quality to cook it in a chilled state and eat immediately otherwise freeze it. 

Images are indicatives only.   Storage recommendation: Chilled 0-4C, Frozen -20C.

    10  Australian Wagyu Striploin Steaks (Marble Score 4/5, 250g) 



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