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Australian Premium Grass-Fed Ribeye (Scotch Fillet, 250/350/450g) Steaks - Chilled


At Aussie Meat - Our fresh and chilled hormone free grass-fed Australian premium beef is the absolute best for you and your family.   Farm fresh juicy Ribeye meat from Australia.

Premium Grass Fed Ribeye (Scotch Fillet) is taken from the rib primal just behind the shoulder blade.  Renowned for its tenderness and juiciness, it's the same cut of beef as the standing rib roast, with bones removed.  This flavoursome cut performs best when roasted in an oven.

Australian Tara Valley specialises in the supply of high quality 100% Australian grass fed beef and veal, sourced from our farms located across Victoria in the Goulburn valley, Western Districts, Victorian Highlands, Gippsland, and the Surf Coast regions.

We recommend for the best quality to cook it in a chilled state and eat immediately otherwise freeze it. 

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