Aussie Meat understands that although we believe that the Aussie beef from Aussie farms is the best tasting natural product in the world today we want to give you and choice.

So we have sourced what we believe to be the best Grass Fed, Grain Fed, Dry-Aged Beef and Wagyu products available in the country today so you can enjoy at home.  

Our Super Black Angus Aussie Beef is naturally farmed on the Gippsland regional farms on the far south eastern corner of Australia.

All of our Aussie Beef is 100% Grass Fed with NO hormones. We have two grades available on our website.

Our Prime Steer, (Premium grade) Aussie Beef is the choice among five star hotel chef's and restaurants. Renowned for it's supreme eating quality, marbling, tenderness and flavor.

Our Australian Beef is also 100% grass fed, organic and of premium quality.