Quality Australian Free range and barn-raised chicken

Lilydale and Steggles are free range and hormone free chickens from Australian owned and grown by farmers committed to producing premium quality produce, these chickens are raised and tended to by farmers who ensure they are fed a nutritious diet and take pride in their welfare.

Steggles, the most preferred chicken brand in Australia, has been providing quality chicken products for nearly 100 years while Lilydale is Australia’s favourite free range chicken brand.

These farms are located across various regions in South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia.

For quality meat from Australia, families in Hong Kong love Aussie Meat, which is The Australian Meat Brand. They deliver premium quality meat to meat lovers all over the city.  Aussie Meat is owned and operated by Australians with their meat all sourced from Aussie farms. Their focus is on providing restaurant quality meat which is grass fed, organic, naturally farmed, hormone and antibiotic free.  Order before 12pm midday for next day delivery or choose for delivery on another day of your choice. Orders over HK$600 receive free delivery.  An extra perk? Aussie Meat understands the value in giving back and that is why they have created the Aussie Meat “Eat For Charity” Program (#Eat4ChartiyHK) that donates 5% of their profits towards Hong Kong charities.