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Australian Free Range Pork Rack Rindless Frenched Cut Roast (~2.8-3kg, 8 Ribs) - Chilled


Australian Free Range Valenca Pork Rack is juicy and succulent, perfect for roasting.

Valenca range is 100% Australia free range certified premium pork sourced from a select group of high welfare Australian pork growers. Our farmers pride themselves on best practice in both breeding and care of their pigs.  Feed on natural grains like wheat and barley are purchased from Australian farms and incorporated into our feeds. Our pigs have no added hormones and are free from chemical residues and growth stimulants.

We find their products to be one of the best in Australia and are in line with our high quality standards which is why we have made the decision to bring their product to Hong Kong for you all to enjoy.

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