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Australian Wagyu Striploin Steaks (Sirloin, MS 4/5, 250g) - Chilled (Buy 9 & Get 1 FREE)


Tajimi - Australian Wagyu Striploin Steaks with Marble Score 4/5  for 10 persons.

Having a BBQ?  Aussie Meat Cut-to-Order fresh Australian and New Zealand Meat just for you! 

Why go to the markets, when Aussie Meat delivers fresh Australian and New Zealand farmers meat jet fresh to your home in Hong Kong.

Aussie Meat has pulled together a super Aussie Meat pack of Wagyu Striploin steaks, BBQ pack for 10 persons and as a bonus you get 1 Wagyu Striploin steaks FREE!   That is a 10% discount.

We recommend for the best quality to cook it in a chilled state and eat immediately otherwise freeze it. 

Images are indicatives only.   Storage recommendation: Chilled 0-4C, Frozen -20C.




  Australian Wagyu Striploin Steaks (Marble Score 4/5, 250g) 


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