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Australian Wagyu Striploin Steaks (Sirloin, MS 7/8, 250/350/450g) - Chilled


Tajimi - Australian Wagyu Striploin Steaks with Marle Score 7/8 


Tajima is the most famous of all the Wagyu bloodlines, originating from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. They are generally smaller framed with slower growth rate but produce excellent meat eating quality with a large eye muscle and superior marbling. They are thought to be ideal for the production of F1 or Crossbred cattle.

Tajima Australian Wagyu is Hormone growth Promotant (HGP) Free and a minimum 400 days Grain Fed. 

We recommend for the best quality to cook it in a chilled state and eat immediately otherwise freeze it. 

Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steaks.

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