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Dry Aged 21 DAYS Australian Wagyu Tenderloin (Eye Fillet, MS 4/5, ~2kg) - Chilled (PRE-ORDER 25 DAYS)


*** Cut and Made To Order ***

Dry ageing is a process whereby a slab of primal of beef is placed on a rack to dry in a controlled environment for a period of time. Why dry-aged beef tastes better?  Dry ageing allow enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavour.   

This is the ultimate treat for you, your family and friends.  This remarkable piece of Wagyu meat is fit for Kings and Queens.  You can spoil yourselves and request Aussie Meat to dry-age especially for you.  The Australian Wagyu beef is taken fresh from Australia Wagyu farmers (Tajima), we dry-age your whole piece of Wagyu tenderloin precisely 21 Days, guarantee superior and optimal flavour to suit all fussy Aussie Meat lovers.    

The fillet or tenderloin is one of the most tender cuts of beef. Sitting along the spine, it's the least weight-bearing muscle yielding little or no fat or connective tissue.  Recognised for its leanness, delicate flavour and tenderness, it can be further cut into portions for steaks and is best suited for hot fast cooking methods.  A whole fillet can also be trimmed and trussed for roasting.

We recommend for the best quality to cook it in a chilled state and eat immediately otherwise freeze it. 

It is sold as a whole slab and can be portioned for you.

Images are indicatives only.   Storage recommendation: Chilled 0-4C, Frozen -20C.

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