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US Ocean Catch Scallops (20/30 per 1lb, 454g)


There is nothing better than fresh ocean-catch seafood, completely natural and wit no additives.  Our US Scallops are very sweet, tasty and juicy, absolutely a must to serve your family and friends.  

Our US premium brand scallops are most desired by connoisseurs who want only the best available.

There are approximately 20-30 scallops in 1lb (~454g).

Ocean catch is 100% natural, no hormones or antibiotics.  Limited supplies weekly.

Our butchers cut to order as accurately as possible but there maybe a slight variation.  Our products are snap frozen to maintain its texture, flavour and for ease of transport across Hong Kong.

Images are indicatives only.   Storage recommendation: Chilled 0-4C, Frozen -20C.

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