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Vili's - Australian Chunky Beef & Mushroom Pies (160g ) - FROZEN


Vili’s - Australian Chunky Beef & Mushroom Pies

Chunky steak, fresh Swiss brown mushrooms & sautéed onion.

Vili’s Family Bakery – South Australia

No added preservatives.  When Vili’s say hand made, they mean hand made.

The humble Aussie meat pie was transformed when Vili started his baking revolutionand stated that “a meat pie should only contain meat”.

Don’t all meat pies contain meat only? Not so!  Many pies contain soy bean  substitutes and artificial colours and preservatives that give the indication of high  quality meat.  Vili’s Pies do not just have any meat, but high quality lean beef.

Every Vili’s pie, pasty and sausage roll is handmade.  Vegetables are peeled by hand, spices are added by hand and anything that doesn't match Villi's high standards is rejected by hand.  As Vili says, “machines can’t taste”,  but humans know the difference and can give the thumbs up to a great pie.

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