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order before 12pm-midday for next day meat delivery | Whatsapp 5588 5700 | 5% Donated to HK Charities | Account | Useful Tips | Referrals | Redeem


Aussie Meat Charities | Eat For Charity Program (#Eat4CharityHK)

Aussie Meat understands the importance of giving back, we enjoy helping out our community in anyway we can and donate 5% of Aussie Meat profit to Hong Kong charities through our Eat For Charity Program (#Eat4CharityHK).  So by shopping at Aussie Meat you are also giving back to the community!

We periodically update our charitable and sponsorship activities on our Facebook Page @aussiemeathk.

Please contact Aussie Meat if you would like Aussie Meat to donate to your event or charity.   We work with a number a charitable foundations during the year.

Charities/organisations we sponsor:

6th March 2021 - Aussie Meat donating 50Kg monthly to our beloved charity - Holy Café

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Aussie Meat is honoured and thrilled to partner with Holy Cafe who have worked tirelessly to give back to the underprivileged, homeless and elderly in Hong Kong. 

Each month, Aussie Meat will donate 60kg of meat & poultry to Holy Café to ensure free meal distribution service can be continued for the underprivileged groups i.e. the elderly groups, the homeless, people with disabilities with love & care.

Together, we give back to society in a meaningful way, #eat4charityHK


1 September 2020 - 31 December 2020 - Aussie Meat #eat4CharityHK ImpactHK Christmas Charity Campaign #kindnessmatters

Great achievement everyone!  We are very excited to announce that our Christmas Charity Campaign Program has successfully raised in a total of 24,250 HKD in donations towards ImpactHK 

Throughout our Christmas Charity Campaign Program, we have raised donations from your orders:



We helped Australians battle the affects of its devastating bush fires.  Aussie Meat together with our sponsors were able to raised 14,050 HKD from our Australian Day Sausage Sizzle.

We would like to thank you for supporting our Sausage Sizzle event and for you your generosity and contributions.


13th March 2019 -  Cheque presentation to The Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF)

Aussie Meat is absolutely thrilled to announce WAGS has raised a whopping $160,000 USD for Christina Noble Children's Foundation, who worked tirelessly to serve underprivileged children with the hope of helping each child out of poverty and reaching their maximum life potential. 

Aussie Meat is very honoured to be part of WAGS and supports Christina Noble Children's Foundation.  

Thank you everyone for their generosity and contribution.

23rd November 2018 - WAGS Charity Golf Day A Christina Noble Children's Foundation

Aussie Meat was delighted to be invited again to participate WAGS yearly golf event in Hong Kong, such a great event outdoors and for a great charity.

WAGS announced that the 2018 WAGS Charity Golf Day raised almost HKD 2.1 million - more than USD 260,000 !! This is an amazing total - the event seems to get bigger every year but it's not just about the total - it's about all the lives that will benefit from it.

Of this amount USD 160,000 will go to our principal beneficiary, Christina Noble Children's Foundation , and just over USD 100,000 will be awarded to a number of Hong Kong based charities. 

3rd November 2018 - Daughters of Cambodia

This Year's Daughters of Cambodia musical fund-raising event in Hong Kong organised by the selfless and fun loving mother and wife Karen Linker.  We are honoured and proud to support the wonderful Ruth Elliott and her selfless team of volunteers who do so much to save the lives of young victims of sex trafficking. 

8th June 08 2018 - ImpactHK 

Aussie Meat is very excited and thrilled to sponsor ImpactHK through our #Eat4CharityHK program and we have just launched our #eat4impact program together.

ImpactHK is a registered Hong Kong charity transforming the lives of the homeless and giving them a second chance.

ImpactHK are on the streets every day serving the homeless in hopes of building trust and friendships.

ImpactHK house, employ and provide their beneficiaries with the opportunity for a wholistic transformation with friendship being the key component.

Thank you Jeff Rotmeyer for an outstanding job for transforming lives of the homeless in HK. 

8th December 2017 - 2017 WAGS Charity Golf Day for The Christina Noble Children's Foundation  https://www.wagshongkong.org/charity-day-2017-highlights