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Aussie Meat Testimonials

Best supplier of steaks in Hong Kong by a long shot.   Superb Wagyu at a good price.  Top work!

Philip Murphy

We tried a couple of other meat delivery places and were not impressed. The wagyu here from Aussie Meat is amazing. Other reviewers have said the lamb is really good, I'd argue its some of the best we've had. Great delivery service to top it all off. The owner is super nice and cares about customer satisfaction. If you've been looking for healthy and delicious meat/poultry in this city, try from here.

Adam Grasso

One of the best wagyu steak I’ve ever had. Highly recommend it! And probably the best quality/price you can find in Hong Kong.


Fantastic service, amazing meat, polite and courteous and met my need on time and delivery.

Ann O'Grady

Had an awesome weekend barbie with gorgeous NZ lamb rack and grass fed ribeye! Also bought a Reno 2 burners from them. Thanks Courtney for the extremely quick and friendly assistance!

Carmen Easton

Ordered 2KG Rib eye grass fed slab, fan dabi dozy!!!! Price is beyond reasonable!!!

Ken Wong

Great quality meat and service. Highly recommended.

Adam Broomfield

Fantastic experience with Aussie meat - pork sausages are delicious! We've been living overseas for 10+ years so there was much excitement and anticipation about meat pies and sausage rolls - needless to say we'll be back for more for sure! 
Brilliant customer service, the meat is packaged well, the delivery service is reliable - highly recommend Aussie Meat.

Angela Sinclair