Aus Meat guide is all about teeth of cattle which is a true indicator for age of cattle which is also a guide as well as breeds.

A lot of quality has been mixed up over the past couple of years is the MSA grading which was introduced because the system in Queensland and the other territories was wanting an overall system to put their Zebu (Indian tropical breeds such as Brahman, Droughtmaster, Santa Gretudis) breed of cattle in.  These are Indian breed of cattle which are not true restaurant quality eating beef.

The Zebu are breeds for tropical climate and don´t have the marbling or the same flavour as the temperate, cooler climate Bos Taurus (Black Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Galloway) breed of cattle. The Zebu have little fat on them, which is not so good for eating.  Some Brahman cattle are mixed with Angus to make a bigger size carcasse cattle, once again mix of Bos Taurus isn´t the greatest flavour when eating, nor are the Grainfed Beef cattle when they are given grains, they can be bland in taste, big in size.

We stress the importance of Grass Fed Beef, its all natural when the cattle are raised on grass, it contains the good fats Omega 3 to maintain a healthy body.  It has all natural minerals and vitamins and has far more nutrition than Grainfed Beef, and is naturally leaner than Grainfed Beef, which contains more additives.  The meat is also more flavoursome and the British Breeds are really the true restaurant eating steak. 

Aussie Meat has made a simple table for their products so you can easily decide the type of beef you like to order:

First class Products:

PRS Prime Steer


Dry Aged

Business Class Products:

SS Select Steer

YG Yearling

Economy Class Products:

A Grade