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About Aussie Meat

Aussie Meat

Aussie Meat is The Australian Meat Brand delivering Premium Quality Australian Meat in Hong Kong.  Owned and operated by Australians, we deliver high restaurant quality, grass fed, organic, naturally farmed, hormone and antibiotic free Aussie meat from Aussie farms jet fresh to your office or home.

Australian Grass Fed Premium Meat

Aussie Meat signature product is chilled beef from the Gippsland region of Victoria and the Wilderness Coast in South Eastern NSW.  This region of Southeastern Australia, encompassing beaches, farmland, mountains and lakes.   Our farms are pasture fed and grown totally naturally with no chemicals and no Hormone Growth Promotants.


Our Premium Quality Australian Meats are grass fed at Narrabarba region on the pristine Sapphire / Wilderness Coast of southeast NSW and South Australia where the lush pastures, abundant rainfall and cool temperatures provide the perfect environment and our farmers are actively involved in farming. We are focused on delivering a high-level customer service with Premium Quality Australian Meat with a strong focus on food safety and trace-ability from paddock to plate delivering a consistent, safe and quality eating experience every time 

Aussie Meat range of premium produce is air freighted from Australia to our FEHD licensed warehouse in Hong Kong.   Our Aussie beef is aged to perfection by the time it reaches your door in Hong Kong without freezing.  Chilled Aussie beef is known to taste better and maintains its juices during to the cooking process and is the preferred choice of master chefs.

Aussie Meat recommends

Major Aussie beef cuts recommended are

  • Striploin (Sirloin) – A very tender cut from the spine and used in all major steakhouses for thinker cut with good flavor;
  • Tenderloin (Eye Fillet) – The most tender cut from spine and a leaner cut than strip loin;
  • Ribeye (Cube roll or Scotch Fillet) – A cut from the ribs famous for its flavour;
  • Dry aged on the bone (T-Bones) – Combines Strip Loin and Tender Loin with flavor from the bone with a concentrated flavor from dry aging; and
  • Dry aged Ribeye on the bone (OP Ribs) – The excellent flavour of Ribeye combines with flavour from the bone.

Aussie Meat also supply:

  • Premium Australian sausages
  • Premium Quality Australian grass fed lamb
  • Premium Quality Australian free range pork
  • Free Range chicken
  • Delicatessen products
  • Halal Meat
  • Fresh Australian and New Zealand seafood
  • Australian Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls 

Why eat grass fed (organic) Aussie beef?

  • Less total fat;
  • More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids;
  • More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that's thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks;
  • More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E; and
  • Grass-fed beef is lower in calories; a 6-ounce grass-fed beef tenderloin may have 92 fewer calories than the same cut from a grain-fed cow.

Grass-Fed Aussie Beef is More Humane

Pasture raised cows receive plenty of fresh grass, clean air, sunshine and exercise and live like cows were meant to live. These are all critical elements denied of over 90% of our country’s farm animals today.

Grass Fed Aussie Beef is More Environmentally Friendly

Farms that raise pasture raised animals build quality soil, not deplete it. The cow manure from grass-fed cows becomes a natural fertiliser, not a major waste management problem like in factory feedlots.

Our Secrets to Create Tender Grass-Fed Aussie Steak

Aussie Meat primary grass fed beef product is prime ox steer where the cattle live 3 years on pasture which much longer than a grain fed “factory farm” cattle who normally only live 14 months. The longer life of the steer allows the Aussie beef it produces to be just as tender as grain fed Aussie beef.