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How to prepare BBQ Steak?

by Aussie Meat November 23, 2019

How to prepare Grilled Steak | Aussie Meat recipes farmers market fresh | Hong Kong's Best Meat Delivery HK


      Preparation time: 5mins

      Cooking time: 50mins

      Serving: 1


  • Sirloin
  • Rib Eye
  • Skirt Steak


Buying thick cut steaks that you then slice to share is a much better way to cook steak than individual steaks.

  1. A thin steak will overcook in the centre whilst before the outside has had any chance of developing a caramelised crust look for a generous marbling of fat - fat equals flavour, and it will baste the steak as it cooks
  2. Season simply - pepper, salt (plenty!) and a drizzle of oil are all you need
  3. HEAT - very important to cook over really hot grill bars - so allow them to heat for a good 10 minutes for gas, or 30-40 minutes for charcoal. If you have a ‘sizzle zone’ on you barbecue, this is the perfect time to use it.
  4. REST - the most important part of steak cooking - a 5-10 minute rest somewhere warm but not too hot. Resting on the warming rack is ideal, or simply put on a plate and cover with a double layer of foil.
Posted by Aussie Meat and we thank Red Tractor for the link https://www.redtractor.org.uk/dig-a-little-deeper/recipes/bbq-steak-a-guide-to-perfection/

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